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Credits for the Safelist
  Use Your Safelist Credits
for the Traffic Exchange
Boost your Traffic Exchange credits by reading mails from other members plus:   We give your ads the best exposure

We also increase your advertising by giving you bonuses for simply being an active member.

You even get 100 credits, 200 banner and 200 text ad impressions just for joining.

We give members a bonus for surfing daily, weekly and monthly.

Members get regular rewards from prize and word search pages when surfing.

Solomatic Traffic also has a dynamic surf ratio system which means that the more sites members surf the higher the credit reward for each site viewed.

We offer members the use of the fastest surfbar available. This means that your ads are shown for the full length of the timer. This is a state of the art system that pre-loads the next site to be viewed so that when the icon is clicked it is shown immediately.

Anti Cheat System. It is important to Solomatic Traffic that your credits are not wasted and we have a system onsite that finds any cheaters and removes them. This ensures that your ads are seen by Real People.

Solomatic Traffic is regularly checked, tested and fine tuned to ensure  that your advertising gets nothing but the best exposure.
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